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How to start learning Vietnamese?



Ever since I was young I’ve been interested in Vietnam. It seems very different from all the other SE asian countries and the language also stands out a lot.
So here I am starting out to study at home before traveling there next year.

What would be a good starting point? I already speak some Chinese so the tones hopefully won’t be a big obstacle to get over. Apart from DuoLingo, which i’m currently using what other resources would you recommend me to check out?



By Andy - hơn 2 năm ago

  • Hello , friend . Want start to learning fast vietnamese easy , 1- you down google stransalate in your iphone , ipad ..... 2- get 3G - 4G .... when you go outside 3- Look clear words .... and write in google stransalate ..... hope you succesfull .....when you come vietnam ??? - LOANNGUYEN - khoảng 2 năm ago
  • Not sure if you come to Vietnam yet. but... if you yourself can realized the 5 tones of vietnamese, then you did great already. GGL translate as suggested by the above comment is ok but... to be honest, I dont receommend GG translate - Khanh.Truong - hơn 1 năm ago
  • I cant teach you - Thùy Liên - hơn 1 năm ago

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