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expression: have you ever

By Carl - gần 3 năm ago

Today ive learned a really useful sentence pattern which works in the same way as "have you ever" in English.
Its quite simple and can apparently be used like this:

Anh         (đã) từng   đến    Nha Trang    chưa?
Subject+ đã từng + Verb + (Object) +  chưa?

Do you guys know any other variations of this, like how would i for example say
"have you(group of people) already had lunch?"



    "Mọi người ăn trưa chưa?"
    (Note: normally, Vietnamese dont specify lunch or dinner, we just say "ăn cơm" you listener should decide it's lunch or dinner :P)
    "đã từng" -- i dont remember if we really use that phrase in casual conversation.

    By Khanh.Truong - 11 tháng ago


      Oh, btw
      Have you ever been to Nhatrang?
      - Đi Nhatrang lần nào chưa? -- this sounds more Vietnamese :)

      By Khanh.Truong - 11 tháng ago

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